Your boxes save us time and money!

I own and operate the websites, and From time to time, we buy lots of quality pigeons and place them on the auction block, all the while we house them on the premises. These pigeons need to go out to all corners of the country when they are purchased. For us, we have found that BoxesForBirds shipping boxes are the best deal when we are shipping birds to the winning bidders. These boxes weigh less, and as a business, we find it incredibly easy to set them up and ship them out. We have tried [the competitor’s] boxes on to find that we spend too much time simply trying to assemble them. You need strong arms just to get the tabs to align so that you can run a zip tie through them. The time we spend wrestling with the box is better spent building out our business. For this reason, and more, we exclusively ship birds from our facilities in shipping boxes. We love em.