Very strong and easy to assemble!

This boxes for birds are wonderful, I had the chance to see one of those boxes when I got a shipment from my friend Carl Wissler a tumbler breeder. He is a kind man who helped me get started with some free birds that he was not going to use because they were part of a muffed bar tumbler project and so the feet feathers were not developed fully but birds were of great quality as you know he is always winning top honors with the breed.

The box he sent them in was a huge box which had 2 layers and separated birds very well, wonderful box, very strong and easy to assemble, so far the best box for birds I have seen. So, the word is out my friends. If you need to shop for boxes for your shipments. Please contact Mike Owen, he and his beautiful and kind wife are selling them and they are great quality. No, I don’t work for him, but many of you know the he is a kind person who cares about the hobby very much.