Your product is a cost saver for the sender and receiver of birds!

For the 50th Anniversary NBRC Convention this year, Boxes for BIrds donated 6 small shipping boxes, 1 8 bird box, and 1 16 bird box. This was a big help for folks who bought birds out of the convention kit that was auctioned off. Not only did they not have to pay for a shipping box, but the new style shipping boxes from Boxes for Birds cost less to ship while still accommodating the number of birds the boxes are built for. All boxes are USPS approved. They are more streamlined than other boxes, cost less to purchase, cost less to send flat postage-wise, and cost less to ship with birds in them! You can realize a nice savings by using their products for your shipping needs, as well as they are very prompt in getting them mailed out to you. We appreciate their donation to the NBRC and appreciate their product that is a cost saver for the sender and receiver of birds! On behalf of the NBRC and roller hobby, thanks Boxes for Birds!

Your boxes save us time and money!

I own and operate the websites PigeonDB.com, RollerDB.com and PigeonsBid.com. From time to time, we buy lots of quality pigeons and place them on the auction block, all the while we house them on the premises. These pigeons need to go out to all corners of the country when they are purchased. For us, we… Continue Reading

We recommend boxesforbirds.com to everyone!

Being previous pleased customers, when it came time to ship my foundation trio of large fowl Light Sussex from Montana to western Pennsylvania, we once again turned to Boxesforbirds.com . Were thrilled to find the 16 bird box so all our birds could come here in one shipment. We used the new divider which segmented… Continue Reading

Very strong and easy to assemble!

This boxes for birds are wonderful, I had the chance to see one of those boxes when I got a shipment from my friend Carl Wissler a tumbler breeder. He is a kind man who helped me get started with some free birds that he was not going to use because they were part of… Continue Reading