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Mission Statement

To offer the very best, most trusted, and lightest available bird shipping boxes throughout the USA. To provide quality shipping boxes to pigeon racers, dove release operations, fowl and poultry transportation, pedigree species brokers, talented serious distinguished breeders, and to hobbyists at affordable prices.

Whether you need to ship a loved pet or you must provide for your bird sales safety and transport obligations we are there for you.

sherry_mike_owenWe are a family owned business and each customer is our unforgettable client. We own more than 750 pigeons ourselves, so we understand the importance of quality care and safety when we ship our boxes to you.

Our boxes will provide assurance that your birds will be delivered safely with durable construction and design. Our boxes are designed for quick and easy unfolding and for the insertion of separation dividers to provide bird compartments that easily slide into place.

Thank you for visiting our site, we are always eager to assist your shipping needs to provide secure and safe bird transport, and for deliveries you can rely on. All of our boxes ship next business day.

Video Demonstration

One of our company friends from Bright Eyes Doves demonstrates how to assemble one of our bird boxes. She owns and runs Bright Eyes DovesĀ and is one of our best friends in the business.